My dog Francis loves Alpha den. So much so that bringing him home is tough. He is 9 years old and likes to be with people and other dogs, having a nap in the sun or an occasional playtime with another member of the pack. I loved receiving photos while I was traveling for work, and seeing him nestled on the sofa - true alphadog - while Terri’s own dog was on the floor made me laugh. He seems extremely happy to stay, and in no hurry whatsoever to leave... always a good sign. I leave him for up to a week at a time and compared to a mass kennel where I know he’d be caged and in the midst of chaos for a week.. this pace is perfect for him, and there’s plenty of squirrels to patrol.
— Rachel Thomas
Terri has been taking care of my dog, Minxie, for almost 2 years now, and before that, she took care of my dog, Bogie, until we lost him. She provides both dog walking and boarding services for us.

Bogie was a very unique dog with significant and very severe separation anxiety and noise fears. Leaving him anywhere was incredibly stressful to me as I knew he would need constant attention and care or he would try to escape to come find me. Not only did Terri walk him several times a week, but when she did board him, I always felt safe and secure as I knew she took his needs incredibly seriously and was terribly cautious with him. She went way above and beyond and would take him everywhere with her when he boarded with her so that he always felt secure and cared for. When we lost him to his disease, she was incredibly caring and supportive, doing everything she could to make such a difficult time as bearable as possible. Her kindness and caring was invaluable.

Terri LOVES our new dog Minxie, and Minxie ADORES Terri, which is a huge achievement because Minxie was a rescue from the street and was terrified of everything and everyone when we got her. Terri took the time and formed a plan to build a relationship with Minxie slowly, and provided Minxie with the time and support she needed to feel secure before putting a leash on her and walking her. Now Minxie is probably more excited when Terri arrives at my house than when I do. Minxie loves boarding @ Terri’s, and when we leave her there, I not only feel assured that Minxie is well cared for, safe & secure, but that she is being loved as if she were in her own home.

I simply can’t say enough good things about Terri. In addition to taking wonderful care of my dogs, she’s active in the animal community running Society Dog & fundraising for canine cancer through Morris Canine Cancer Foundation after losing her beloved Trevor to cancer after a valiant fight. In general, she’s a wonderful person, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. There’s no one I’d rather have caring for my pets.

I hope that’s helpful to you & I hope your experiences with Terri are as positive as mine.
— Maragita Gomez
So glad to have found Terri and Alphadog’s Den! Cooper is always happy and safe in Terri’s care so my husband and I are afforded peace of mind when boarding him at her beautiful home/facility.
— Randi Green
Terri came to my rescue a few years ago and provided boarding for my dog at her home for an extended period of time. I was apprehensive about leaving the old guy under someone else’s care, but circumstances left me no choice. Fortunately for my wife, me and especially Homey - things could not have gone better. Terri and Doug welcomed Homey and made him part of their family. He became very comfortable in their home, and staked out his own spot with his bed where he could be part of the pack. He not only survived his extended stay, but he flourished while with them. I am embarrassed to say that he almost didn’t want to leave them and come back to live with me. I managed to coax him away, but he remained a faithful friend of theirs for the rest of his days. We are all so grateful to Terri and crew for the loving manner in which they nurtured our beloved Homey.
— Doug Weinstein
I can’t get over how amazing Jessica and Terri are. I haven’t been to their location yet but Jessica comes over at lunch to help me with our puppy when my husband is out of town. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond. Keeps me up to date via text or email, is super reliable, professional, capable, caring and trust worthy. Knowing that she is coming over to give my puppy a little extra love takes a huge weight off my shoulders. And I know my puppy LOVES HER.
— Kate Hudson
Terri is awesome. She takes outstanding care of our Norwegian Elkhound Kal. He has a great time and is so happy to see her.
— Barbra Parees
My little dog, Bo & I are SO happy to have found Alphadog’s Den. I know he’s so well taken care of & has plenty of room to run around & lots of toys to play with in a beautiful, clean environment. Terri is wonderful at communicating with me when he’s there & truly appreciates that he’s my “family”. We’re both very lucky to have Alphadog’s Den as Bobo’s home away from home.
— Ginny Spencer

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