Family Style Boarding

Here at The Den, we provide 24 hour quality care with experienced dog professionals. There is no safer place for you pooch to stay! Our 20 acres provides our active dogs with tons of room to roam while our relaxed dogs have plenty of couches and beds to choose from. We also have crates for the dogs who like their own space to relax. Each of our dogs enjoys a daily mountain walk (health permitting) and has unlimited outdoor playtime with their other doggy buddies! Let your dog enjoy their very own vacation while you enjoy yours!

Doggy Day Care

Working hard all day can make walking your pup when you get home hard and unenjoyable. Bring your dog to stay with us while you're away working and enjoy your evening snuggled up with your tired pooch. Our doggy day care provides a fun place for your pup to romp with their friends, go on hikes, and enjoy lots of love and attention from our dog professionals.  This is also a great opportunity for puppies to learn proper dog behavior from well socialized and balanced adult dogs. 


During your dog's stay with us we provide:

  • 20 private acres with wide-cut tree-lined trails for walking dogs in a serene setting

  • Comfortable sleeping options for non-crated dogs and available crates for those who prefer crates

  • Customized feedings, (as directed but not provided), and a Bloat prevention period after eating 

  • Calming music  & other soothing solutions available during naptime and other times, as needed

  • TV's playing relaxing shows and music

  • Unlimited outdoor play

  • Regular mountain walks

  • Allergy-specific dog treats and treat-filled Kongs provided

  • Photos and/or videos of your dog enjoying The Den sent regularly

  • Transportation options to and from The Den